Development and Origin


Development and Origin

The Chaoyang University of Technology strives for a long-lasting development. The Committee for Research and Development was founded in August, 1999. The formerly permanent staff was CEO that was responsible for every matter, and also held R&D meeting regularly. In October of the same year, he held a concurrent post of ‘Secretary.’ For the sake of operational changes, this committee was renamed as “Research and Development Office.
Our office is in-charge of the development of school strategies and academic research and currently has two divisions: Division of Planning and Evaluation and Division of Academic Research and Evaluation. Owing to the shift in economy and education, our vision and aim are to be an excellent university of technology. By coordinating resources for research, we manifest the highlight feature of school, develop core policy and grasp the trend of Higher education, etc. To improve research capacity of the school, we strive for 3 visions of school- “Rooted in Taiwan, Internationalize, and Sustainability.”


►6 Missions

1. Plan the university’s long-term future development and reach the consensus.
2. Organize self-evaluation and strive for excellent teaching.
3. Manage and allocate funding for research projects, strengthen infrastructure.  
4. Execute policy on academic research, improve research capacity.
5. Continue the integrative project, retain more external resources.
6. Early planning for the prospective project, widen future development.