University’s Long-term Development Plan


2018-2024 Middle and Long Range School Development Plan

Since it was founded in 1994, Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) has laid a strong foundation in higher education with the concerted efforts of all staff. Facing external challenges and changes in current circumstances, CYUT is making strides in developing the preeminent education outcome without following the external environment. CYUT needs to continue its efforts in dealing with different forces and risks. Due to the limited resources, we should further ascertain our current priorities, determine the position, and then make a breakthrough in challenges in higher education. While CYUT is in its 25th anniversary in 2019, it t is time for the university not only to maintain its accomplishments but initiate new tasks to inspire the next generation. We will have to assess our position and lead CYUT to become an applied university, oriented in cooperation among academia, research, and industry. We have to focus on scientific research along with industrial research in line with the CYUT’s governance notion. Given the transformational experience, we should achieve the school tasks of CYUT rooted in Taiwan, linking up with the world with a sustainable development, and continue to create a new blue ocean in vocational education with a practical and innovative attitude.

Considering changes in the current society, trends of government’s developmental and educational strategies, and present circumstances as well as worldwide situation, CYUT outlines the core strategies for 2018-2024 middle and long term school developmental plan based on the four core strategies followed during 2013-2018 developmental plan. The development strategies are: S1) Enhancing school reputation and making it a permanent feature; S2) Development of the university culture as industry oriented; S3) Training students with professional skills; and S4) Improving the university’s developmental & operational efficiencies. Also, CYUT has to pursue developmental vision and embody educational spirit to exhibit CYUT’s school-oriented specialty. CYUT will achieve educational missions and determine the orientation of being an "Academia-Research-Industry Applied University".

For the specific purpose of internationalization and university social responsibility with regard to CYUT’s orientation and vision, CYUT proposes six school developmental goals as follows.

1. Ensure students’ learning efficiency: Based on students’ appraisal toward students’ competence improvement and learning evaluation, to examine the process of teaching improvement, assure teaching quality, and accelerate employment competitiveness.

2. Ensure lecturers’ research-teaching quality: Based on the goals of contributing toward the community and public, to encourage lecturers to promote practical and digital teaching ability, support lecturers to increase productivity in research, expand engagement at local and community, and improve the public welfare.

3. Ensure supportive administration: Based on the high quality human resources and teamwork spirit, to strive for and make good use of better school resources, strengthen lateral communication and collaboration, and advance administrative efficiency and quality.

4. Ensure school reputation: Based on the students’ and faculty’s performance, to increase international academic reputation, promote community welfare by professional services, and obtain the recognition from the young generation, reliability from society as well as affirmation from academia continuously.

5. Ensure students’ quality and quantity: Based on teaching and academia-research-industry achievement, to steady internal students’ quantity as well as expand the enrollment for overseas students, and make sure the students’ quality.

6. Ensure endowment fund firmly: Based on the goals of raising income and cutting expenditure, to remain financially stable, gain outside revenues, and sustain sound financial structure.